Life Writing and History Writing in Contemporary Baltic Cultures

The 12th International Conference of Baltic Literary Scholars in Tallinn

Victims, Perpetrators and Implicated Subjects: Rethinking Agency at the Intersections of Narrative and Memory

Roosta, Estonia

Letters, Law and Court in Polish Livonia – the Case of David Hilchen

International conference in Tallinn

Aspects of Multilingualism in the 17th Century

Facetten der Mehrsprachigkeit im 17. Jahrhundert

Advisory role of academies in the information-rich society

Conference of the Estonian Academy of Sciences

First Baltic Conference on the Environmental Humanities and Social Sciences (BALTEHUMS)

Academic Center for Natural Sciences, Latvian University, Riga

Kirjanike ekskursioon tööstusaladele 1938

Narva, an Industrial Border City: Literary Reflections

Symposium in literary urban studies and discussion day

Reassembling the Republic of Letters

Training School COST-Action IS1310 in Tallinn

Literature and the Multilingual City

Autumn 2017 Symposium of the Association for Literary Urban Studies (ALUS)

Triik Deemon

End Games and Emotions: The Sense of Ending in Modern Literature and Arts

International conference in Tallinn and Helsinki