In 2019, the manuscript diary of the Estonian graphic artist Agaate Veeber (1901–1988) was restored and digitised at the Under and Tuglas Literature Centre, along with accompanying clippings and sketches.

Agaate Veeber began her studies of art under the direction of Ants Laikmaa, initially in the fields of painting and drawing. However, she was to graduate from the Pallas School of Art in 1938 in the field of graphic arts. Veeber`s etchings and still lifes as well asher illustrations of the poetry collections of Marie Under and Henrik Visnapuu have commanded significant international attention.

Veeber`s diary consists of entries in both Estonian and English, ranging from records of everyday life activities to quotations she deemed memorable. Sketches and drawings are interspersed with the manuscript entries. Also attached to the diary there are newspaper clippings in various formats (primarily in English and German), photographs, ex libris, and additional small notations.

Agaate Veeber. Naine linnuga. 1969. Kuivnõel. UTKK
Agaate Veeber. Naine raamatuga. 1977. Kuivnõel. UTKK
Agaate Veeber. Mänd. 1969. Ofort, akvatinta. UTKK
Agaate Veeber. Kaks portreed, 1967. Underi ja Tuglase Kirjanduskeskus, UTKKK1898-PR