From 13 July till 10 September one can visit an exhibit on the occasion of Cornelius Theodor Hasselblatt`s soon-to-be-celebrated 60th birthday. Hasselblatt, an estophile currently living in Holland, a translator of Estonian literature, is also a member of the Literature Centre`s scientific advisory board.

Cornelius Hasselblatt`s personal commitment has been to make Estonian literature more visible in the wider world. As a foreigner he has accomplished more toward fulfilling this goal than any of his predecessors in Estonian cultural history.

Hasselblatt has had a wide-ranging an deep impact as a scholar, translator, publisher (for example, through the initiation and editorship of the literature and culture magazine Estonia in the years 1985–2004), as a critic who continues to keep his eye on new publications in Estonian literature, as a university faculty member (at the universities of Hamburg and Göttingen, and in 1998–2014 as professor of Finno-Ugric languages and literatures at the University of Groningen), as well through as in his analyses and conceptualisations of Estonian literature.

The exhibit was organised by Marianne Tiik and Margit Leesik and designed by Lilian Mengel.