On 15 August at 16 o`clock the Arvo Pärt Center welcomes guests to an evening of discussion on the topic “On Sergey Zavyalov’s Quartet On the Theme of Horace and its context”.

Aare Pilv, researcher at the Under and Tuglas Literature Centre, translator, and writer will read excerpts from the text and offer his reflections.

Quartet On the Theme of Horace is his most recent work, completed in 2017 and not yet translated into Estonian. Therefore, the event will be its Estonian premiere of a sort. As the text is built around Horace’s famous ode Melpomene (Exegi monumentum), being partly a translation of it, we will also talk about the context: the translation of Horace, Pushkin’s famous poem of the same name, which is a modification of the Horace’s text, and the Estonian translations of Pushkin’s text.

Further information available on the Arvo Pärt Centre`s homepage.