With other museums devoted to literary authors, the Literature Centre inaugurated the Star Object project. This is a joint project by writersʼ museums, in which each museum has chosen one object that could be considered the “star” of the museum – like Mona Lisa in the Louvre. A star object is something especially connected to the writer. Through these objects we can tell spellbinding stories about writers. Find out the star objects of various museums, come and visit the writers!

The true star object of the Literature Centre Museum is Ants Laikmaaʼs pastel drawing of the young Tuglas. Friedebert Tuglas did not do anything halfway or somehow. He always went to the depths of every topic, until the topic gave up and gave way. Revolution and changing the world was no cliché for Tuglas: he stood in the revolutionary front lines, and therefore, before he was 20 years old he spent quite a bit of time in jail. Laikmaaʼs drawing represents a purposive and intellectual Tuglas, who finished changing the world and then went to a café. Watch the Literature Centreʼs videoclip and come to the museum!

The project was made possible by the support of the Ministry of Culture, and was executed by the Association of Estonian Writersʼ Museums. Videoclip texts are by Kaupo Meiel. Videos were made by Raido Pedak and Sten Kaalma.