The Library of the magazine Looming last book of the year is the story collection Roomlaste teod (Gesta Romanorum – Deeds of the Romans). Under the direction of senior researcher Kristi Viiding and Maria-Kristiina Lotman, five young translators have mediated 50 stories, framed by their supervisorsʼ thorough foreword and afterword.

Compiled by Maria-Kristiina Lotman and Kristi Viiding

Translated from the Latin by Anni Arukask, Marilyn Fridolin, Maria-Kristiina Lotman, Marten Teemant, Tuuli Triin Truusalu, Martin Uudevald, and Kristi Viiding

Published anonymously, the late medieval collection of stories Gesta Romanorum, quickly became very popular. It became a source of inspiration for innumerable writers, preachers, and folk storytellers. Bright and fantasy-laden in both style and content, these stories tell of happenings among the “Romans” and give the reader a multifaceted portrait of the mentality and attitudes of the Middle Ages.