Music teacher Jüri Plink gifted the work Concert by Vive Toll, one of the greatest Estonian graphic artists, to the Under and Tuglas Literature Centre.


Vive Toll was inspired by Friedebert Tuglas’s miniature of the same name – on the work completed in 1967, the artist has written “Concert (etching) by Fr. Tuglas”. HERE you can listen to the miniature “Concert” performed by actor Iivi Lepik.


The work belonged to the Semper collection. It was gifted to the Literature Centre by Jüri Plink, a music teacher and Johannes Semper’s son-in-law. The work contains several clues to music and its importance in the Semper household: Johannes Semper’s wife Aurora Semper was a music critic and Lilian Semper, Semper’s youngest daughter, became a pianist and later a teacher.


The work was gifted on 12 November 2021 in the museum of the Literature Centre in Nõmme.