Nikolai Triik. Korad Mägi portree
Nikolai Triik. Konrad Mägi, 1908. Friedebert Tuglase pärandvara. Underi ja Tuglase Kirjanduskeskus, UTKKK13

The aim of this project is making available to the public the legacy of the Tuglasʼ, Under, and Adson as historical cultural treasures held at the Under and Tuglas Literature Centre, by means of preparing and publishing scholarly editions, organising art exhibits, conferences, seminars, and cultural events, and engaging in museum pedagogy.


Principal investigator

  • Elle-Mari Talivee, PhD


Senior research staff

  • Õnne Kepp, PhD (until March 2017)
  • Ilona Rosenvald (until April 2018)
  • Marianne Lind (since May 2018)