Senior Researcher, PhD

+372 58 451 513


Aira Võsa studied theology at the University of Tartu, where she also defended her PhD dissertation in 2006. She supplemented her education at the European Institute of History in Mainz and the University of Marburg. Since the conclusion of her studies, her primary research focus has been early modern European church history, more specifically spiritualism and pietism. As a researcher at the University of Tartu she has participated in several research projects on early Baltic intellectual history.

Aira Võsa has taught at the faculty of theology and the Institute of Theology of the Estonian Lutheran Church (EELK), and she has ample experience as the working editor of the Theological Journal. In the years 2015–2021 she worked as a leading specialist in old manuscripts in the Baltica department of the Tallinn University Academic Library. In this position she participated in the compilation and editing of the Estonian Foreign Language Retrospective National Bibliography of Texts (1508–1830).

Aira Võsa is a member of several scholarly and specialty-based associations; among other roles, she was the leader of the old books section of the Estonian Association of Librarians. Beginning in 2023 she has been a senior researcher at the Under and Tuglas Centre of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, as participating researcher under the aegis of the research project „Connections, transition, change: nobilitas haereditaria ac litteraria in the emergence of early modern literature in Polish and Swedish Livonia“ (PRG1926, see the project`s home page).