On 29 September, a joint seminar by the Literature Centre and the Estonian Literary Museum “Elu mürtsuv orkester. Elulähedased esteedid Semper ja Barbarus” (Life’s Thumping Orchestra: Down-To-Earth Aesthetes Semper and Barbarus) took place at the Adamson-Eric Museum, where also the book Euroopa, esteedid ja elulähedus. Semperi ja Barbaruse kirjavahetus 1911–1940 (Europe, Aesthetes and Viability. Correspondence Between Semper and Barbarus) (EKM Teaduskirjastus, 2020) was presented. The seminar, which intertwined literature, art and music, focused on the works of Johannes Semper and Johannes Vares-Barbarus from different perspectives, such as body politics, classicism and various stylistic layers. The participants also listened to the music that transmitted the spirit of modernism and was inspired by Johannes Semper’s trip to Spain, as well as the art pieces related to the topic from the collection of Adamson-Eric Museum were enjoyed.