In December 2021 Estonian Literary Museum and The Under and Tuglas Literature Centre of Estonian Academy of Sciences will celebrate the 100. birth year of Ilmar Laaban with a hybrid live-streamed conference at the Estonian Literary Museum.

Call for Papers


The keynotes are going to be delivered by

  • Hasso Krull poet and scholar in cultural theory: “The politics of imagination. Ilmar Laaban and the thousand-year-old tradition” (in Estonian)
  • Kerri Kotta, scholar in music studies: “Sound transformations and sound spaces” (in Estonian)


Preliminary information on presentations

  • Raivo Kelomees. Creativity Algorithms from Surrealist Techniques to AI
  • Philip Meersman. The Interdisciplinary Toolbox: How to Analyse Visual Poetry?
  • Johannes Bergmark. Fylkingen, the Text-Sound Art Pioneers and the avant-garde situation in Scandinavia
  • Paul Beaudoin. Understanding Labaan Through Sonic Analysis
  • Mirjam Hinrikus. Nikolai Triik’s “Märter” (Martyr) and A. H. Tammsaare’s “Juudit” (Judith) as the precursors of surrealism (in Estonian)
  • Lola Annabel Kass. The flowers of the evil in Estonian Decadent art (in Estonian)
  • Merlin Kirikal. Decadent Collaborations: Johannes Semper and Ado Vabbe (in Estonian)
  • Jürgen Rooste. Linguistic or sensuous (in Estonian)
  • Märt Väljataga. The odious odes of Ilmar Laaban (in Estonian)
  • Marin Laak. Laaban’s avant-garde and the center of Estonian poetry: translations that remained in the manuscript (in Estonian)
  • Arne Merilai. Laaban’s oxymora (in Estonian)
  • Mare Kõiva & Aimar Ventsel. Play with languages and code-switching in Estonian songs(in Estonian)
  • Jaan Pehk & Paul Daniel. Waltzing on limericks (in Estonian)
  • Raivo Kelomees. Ilmar Laaban and the group Para (in Estonian)
  • Triinu Ojamaa. Ilmar Laaban as a refugee among refugees: Roles and imago (in Estonian)
  • Tiina Kirss & Aija Sakova. Ilmar Laaban’s correspondences with international art communities and his work as a translator (in Estonian)
  • Eduard Parhomenko. Ilmar Laaban and Tõnu Luik: A dead-end conversation on Heidegger (in Estonian)
  • Jaan Malin. Ilmar Laaban, a gambler (in Estonian)


Registration for the conference will be available the latest by November 15 HERE.

The conference is organized by the Estonian Cultural History Archives of Estonian Literary Museum and the Under and Tuglas Literature Centre of Estonian Academy of Sciences. The conference is supported by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (the Centre for Excellence in Estonian Studies).