Come listen to the discussion “On the Inevitability of the Humanities” on 20 May at 16:00.

This August, thirty years will have passed since Estonia regained its independence. What was the role and significance of the humanities in achieving this? Has the attitude towards humanitarianism changed in a republican Estonia and how? Is the STEM field a priority today, especially the applied sciences? Are the humanities merely entertainment, a burden on the taxpayer or the basis of our identity and being? What is the significance of the humanities for the state, culture and the average Estonian?

Krista Kodres, Professor at the Institute of Art History and Visual Culture of the Estonian Academy of Arts, Kristi Viiding, Senior Research Fellow at the Under and Tuglas Literature Centre, Marek Tamm, Professor of Cultural History at Tallinn University, Mart Noorma, Space and Defense Technology Professor at the University of Tartu and Tarmo, President of the Estonian Academy of Sciences.

The discussion is hosted by Joonas Hellerma and organised by the National Library of Estonia.

The discussion is available on Youtube.