For years a fellow Siuru literary society member has been hiding himself on the back of Voldemar Kangro-Poolʼs 1918 portrait of Friedebert Tuglas. The Conservation and Digitisation Centre Kanut finished restoring the painting just in time for today, and thus Henrik Visnapuu can join the others in the salon. The portrait has been restored in such a manner that it can be admired from both sides. In addition, a part of the canvas that had been folded into the frame was conserved so that the artist`s name is now also visible.

Aleksander Tassaʼs painting “Temple of Amor in Versailles” received a new coat. In the park where Estonian exiles strolled in 1912 spring flowers are probably pushing up from the grass.

The Under and Tuglas Literature Centreʼs art collection consists of more than two thousand works of art, the core of which is the art Friedebert Tuglas collected in his lifetime. In addition to Tuglasʼ art collection, the Literature Centreʼs art collection contains Marie Under and Artur Adsonʼs collection, Paul Reetsʼ collection, and the collection of diaspora art of the Estonian Cultural Foundation in the USA.

Voldemar Kangro-Pool. Portrait of Henrik Visnapuu, 1918 (back, hidden side)
Aleksander Tassa. Temple of Amor in Versailles, 1912