• Herausgeber
  • Liina Lukas, Ulrike Plath, Kadri Tüür unter Mitwirkung von Jaan Undusk
  • Verlag
  • Verlag des Under-und-Tuglas-Literaturzentrums
  • Erscheinungsjahr
  • 2011
  • Seitenzahl
  • 400
  • Sprache der Veröffentlichung
  • Deutsch, Englisch

Veröffentlichung als E-Publikation

What influence has the common natural environment had for the different cultures in the Baltics? How have the connections between nation and nature been understood, and can we speak about “transnational environments”?

In the present volume different descriptive, philosophical, theoretical and methodological approaches towards Umwelt and landscape in the Baltics and beyond are employed and combined under the umbrella of the newly emerging field of environmental humanities.

The book thus aims to bring different discourses on nature and culture into discussion. It wants to reflect on the uniting an d separating moments in the history and literature of the Baltics, to combine Baltic studies with global concerns, and to trigger further national and international cooperation in humanities on the Baltic environmental history.

Authors of this collections are from Estonia (Jaan Undusk, Liina Lukas, Kadri Tüür, Ulrike Plath et al.), Germany (Gert von Pistohlkors, Christa Grewe-Volpp et al.), Latvia (Kaspars Klavinš), and Lithuania (Audronė Raškauskienė, Irena Ragaišienė).