This project studies ideologies which are created from the contacts between texts in Estonian literature and the author’s strategies which create these ideologies. This project continues the topic from Anneli Mihkelev’s monograph “The Poetics of Allusion” (Under and Tuglas Literature Centre of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, 2005) where allusion as an intertextual and intersemiotic phenomena is analysed as a rhetorical figure and strategy. The next step in such research extends the circle of the poets whose texts will be analysed, and also adds an analysis of prose texts, as well as the study of contacts between verbal and visual texts or another sign systems. The aim will be to study which strategies and ideologies are created with contacts between different texts and sign systems. Interyextuality and intersemiosis are the key strategies in the creation of ideologies. This project is important both theoretically and empirically. On the one hand this study makes possible to use the theories of intertextuality and intersemiosis, and on the other hand it is essential that several Estonian author’s (A. H. Tammsaare, H. Talvik, A. Alliksaar etc.) works re-read once again in contemporary time. Co-operation between the University of Groningen and the Institute of Literature, Folklore and Arts of Latvian University acquaint Estonian literature outside of Estonia. The collection of articles what will publish at the end of the project is one stage of Baltic co-operation. The collection of articles shows a comparative view of Estonian and Latvian literature in terms of ideologies and strategies.

Seminar “Turn of the Century, Turns in Literature II” 21th-23th of May, 2007
Seminar “Turn of the Century, Turns in Literature” 12th of October, 2006


Principal investigator

  • Anneli Mihkelev


Senior research staff

  • Rein Undusk
  • Mirjam Hinrikus
  • Aare Pilv