Ado Vabbe`s largest comprehensive exhibition to date (28.08.2020 – 31.01.2021) highlights the various phases of the artist`s creative work. Ado Vabbe`s works have been selected from among several different collection including the Under and Tuglas Literature Centre, which has contributed many – a total of 48 – art works and books to the exhibition!

The exhibition is divided into six sub-themes that highlight the artist’s early abstract oeuvre, with its playful Indian ink drawings, the colourful characters from commedia dell’arte, sun drenched recollections from his trips south, nuanced sketches of everyday life and woman as a source of lust and dreams. The exhibition is accompanied by a richly illustrated sweeping monograph of Ado Vabbe, which was one of the last research projects of the recently deceased art historian Tiiu Talvistu.

More specific information about the exhibition can be found on KUMU`s homepage.