Information on scholarly articles by Literature Centre authors can be found in the Estonian Science Information System.


The Literature Centreʼs Forthcoming Publications

  • The travel book, Väike Skandinaavia reisijuht (A Little Travel Guide on Scandinavia), by Friedebert Tuglas and Karl Ast-Rumor. Edited by Elle-Mari Talivee and Kri-Marie Vaik, designed by Tiiu Pirsko, to be published in May 2020.
  • Article collection Mäng ja melanhoolia. Friedebert Tuglase romaan “Felix Ormusson” (Play and Melancholia. Friedebert Tuglasʼ novel „Felix Ormusson). Edited by Mirjam Hinrikus and Jaan Undusk.
  • Article collection Jalutuskäigud ja kohvijoomised (Walks and Chats over Coffee) on topics related to the works of Madis Kõiv. Edited by Aare Pilv.
  • Raimond Kaugveri Vorkuta-kirjad (The Vorkuta Letters of Raimond Kaugver). Compiled and edited by Eneken Laanes, commentary by Krista Mits, source-checking by Ülle Kurs.
  • Valik kirju (Selected Letters), Volume 15 of the Collected Works of Friedebert Tuglas. Epilogue by Toomas Haug, edited by Elle-Mari Talivee, design by Tiiu Pirsko, language editing by Tiina Hallik.
  • Collection of articles on A. H. Tammsaareʼs play Juudit (Judith). Edited by Mirjam Hinrikus and Piret Kruuspere.
  • Eesti sõnateater 1965–1985. II (Estonian Drama 1965–1985. Part Two), joint publication of the Literature Center, the Drama School of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and the Estonian Drama Association. Editor-in-chief and photo editor, Piret Kruuspere; designer Mari Kaljuste.