From 22–30 November the 90th session of the General Assembly of the International Union of Academies of Science (Union Académique Internationale, UAI) took place in Paris, along with the celebration of the organisationʼs 100th anniversary. The association was founded in Paris and its current location is in Brussels today. There were 70 participating delegates from 52 different academies. The Estonian Academy of Sciences is a member of the association, and it was represented at the session by Jaan Undusk, director of the Under and Tuglas Literature Centre, who was also the only delegate from the Baltic states.

At the session the current status of 60 long-term international research projects was evaluated, and decisions were made concerning their financial support. The topics of most of the projects are connected with earlier historical periods. The oldest ongoing project “Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum” (Complete List of Antique Vases) was inaugurated in 1920, and in this connection session participants could take a guided excursion of the corresponding department of the Louvre.

A total of 146 700 euros in stipends were distributed, mostly in the range of 2000–4000 euros. For many projects, the moral support of the UAI is more important than financial support. In addition, the delegates listened to ten or so academic presentations and were invited to several receptions.

All events took place in the old, elegant rooms of the French Institute (Institut de France). The French Institute is composed of five academies: the Academy of France, the Academy of Inscriptions and belles lettre, the Academy of Science, the Academy of Fine Arts, established in 1663, which is in essence a selective association of humanties scholars, and the latter was the UAIʼs main partner in organising the events.