The series of article collections consists of commentaries on unkown and forgotten key texts in Estonian literature. The publications are based on papers of one-text-seminars beheld in Käsmu village since 2002. There has been five one-text-seminars altogether: Friedebert Tuglas' "At the End of the World" (2002), J. Randvere "Ruth" (2004), A. H. Tammsaare "I Loved a German" (2006), Friedebert Tuglas' "Felix Ormusson" (2009), A. H. Tammsaare "Juudit" (2011).

Moodsa eesti kirjanduse seminar 2
Armastus ja sotsioloogia. A. H. Tammsaare romaan "Ma armastasin sakslast" 2013

Moodsa eesti kirjanduse seminar 1
J. Randvere "Ruth" 19–20. sajandi vahetuse kultuuris. 2006