Former Projects

Targeted Financing Project

Autogenesis and Transfer: The Development of Modern Culture in Estonia (2008-2013)
Project Director Jaan Undusk

Estonia's Identity Narrative: Ideological and Rhetorical Models of Cultural Discourse (2003–2007)
Project Director Jaan Undusk

Research grant of the Estonian Science Foundation

Historical Novel as Medium of Cultural Memory 2011-2013 (ESF 8530)
Grant holder Eneken Laanes

Contacts Between Texts as Sources of Ideologies and Strategies (2006–2008, ETF 6816)
Grant holder Anneli Mihkelev

National Research Programmes

National Research Programme "The Estonian Language and Cultural Memory" (2009-2013)
The History of Baltic Written Culture
Project Director Liina Lukas

National Research Programme "Estonian Language and National Memory (2004–2008)"
Friedebert Tuglase vaimne pärand
Project Director Ülle Kurs

National Research Programme of Scientific Collections (2004–2008)
The Scientific Collections of the Under and Tuglas Literature Centre (Collections of Cultural History)
Project Director Eha Rand

National research Programme "Estonian Language and National Memory (2004–2008)"
6th International Symposium on Baltic German Literary Culture
Die Nonkonformisten der 1840er Jahre? Victor Hehn (1813–1890) und Freidrich Robert Faehlmann (1798–1850)
Project Director Liina Lukas

Other research projects

Friedebert Tuglas 125
Project Director Eha Rand

The Lexicon of Baltic Writers, 300 Baltic Writers (2003–2009)
In cooperation with the Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art of the University of Latvia and the Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore.
Project Director Anneli Mihkelev

Estonian Exile Literature in the 20th Century (1993-2008)
Project Director Piret Kruuspere

Marie Under 125 (2007–2008)
Project Director Eha Rand

The Correspondence between Artur Adson and Friedebert Tuglas 1917–1944 (2003-2006)
Project Director August Eelmäe

The Estonian Cultural Bridge to Europe at the Beginning of the 20th Century (Young Estonia 100, Friedebert Tuglas 120) (2004–2006)
In cooperation with the Adamson-Eric Museum, a branch of the Art Museum of Estonia.
Procet Director Eha Rand


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