Under and Tuglas Literature Centre of the Estonian Academy of Sciences is an institution of research and development of the Estonian Academy of Sciences. Its mission is to study Estonian literature and the local written culture in general, both in historical and theoretical perspectives, within the context of historically multilingual Baltic space as well as world literature. It promotes literary and cultural thought in line with contemporary trends in textual research (discourse analysis, rhetorico-narratological models of culture, postcolonial theory and the theory of cultural transfer, memory and gender studies).

In the process of its developmental activities, Literature Centre publishes original researches and source materials of Estonian written culture, maintains the book and art collection of historical value, organises conferences, exhibitions and cultural events of general importance. The Museum Department of the Literature Centre in Nõmme administrates the legacy of the writer Friedebert Tuglas, Member of Academy, the poets Marie Under and Artur Adson, and other collections.

Since 2014 Under and Tuglas Literature Centre has fulfilled the governmental research project Entangled Literatures: Discursive History of Literary Culture in Estonia (2014 – 2019) . Head of the project is Jaan Undusk.