Eneken Laanes (Under and Tuglas Literature Centre / Tallinn University): Against Hybridity

In reflecting on the condition of exile, Edward Said has argued that the minority position characteristic of it offers an ethical possibility of secular criticism that looks at the ideologies of hearth and home from the position of what these ideologies exclude and tries to replace the biological ties of filiation with affiliative social bonds. In his novels Russian Estonian writer Andrei Ivanov, one of the most talented and prolific contemporary author in Estonia, goes further and rejects the possibility of affiliation because of the ways in which affiliative communities try to reproduce filiation by restoring authority and start to functioning hegemonically in the same way filiative ones do. This paper explores how Ivanov makes reference to T. S. Eliot and Salman Rushdie to reject cultural models of hybridity and to develop his metaphors of broken lineages and impossible affiliations.


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